Washington state blue book equipment rates

Avoid costly negotiation by specifying the industry standard equipment charge rates for extra work before the project begins. These rates are utilized internally at odot and are viewed and used by other state and local government agencies. Gross vehicle weights in the state rate book and apply the applicable. Equipment rental rates for contractor owned equipment. The office of equipment management calculates standard equipment rates for the ohio department of transportation odot. Determination of construction equipment rental rates in force.

The blue book for costplus, force account, and ownership and operating cost reimbursement. Section of the washington state fire services resource mobilization plan. Commercial general contractors in seattle the blue book. The blue book states that, weekly, daily and hourly rates are.

Same as other equipment, hourly based on blue book rental rates. The rental rate blue book published by primedia information, inc. Any appeals shall be in accordance with 44 cfr 206. Normal wear and tear ofequipment is included in the blue book rates. Equipment rental rates contract administration construction. Oversight of rental rates for highway construction equipment is. Equipment costs monthly equipment rate table cost per. Industry source of regional, categorized construction information and is available in print and online. The office of inspector general dig has reyiewed and found that the adjustment rates table deyeloped by dataquest for use with the blue book. Rates for equipment not listed will be furnished by fema upon request. Specification details, equipmentwatch cost recovery rental rate blue book cost recovery rate. Effective january 1, 2018 through december 31, 2018. Rates for the rental of equipment owned by the fund shall be set to cover all costs of maintenance and repair, material and supplies consumed in operating or maintaining the equipment, and the future replacement thereof.

The adoption of contractor owned equipment rental rates must be a state decision as the recognition of an approved rate may also be used in rental rates, construction contracts, force accounts, claim work, litigation, and cost accounting. Instantly access the rental rate blue book reimbursement rates. Washington state department of transportation wsdot. All other provisions of the agreement remain in place. For washington national guard, please see the master interagency agreement between dnr and the washington military department. Specification details, equipmentwatch cost recovery rental rate blue book. Construction plan extra work rates, equipment data. Rates for shorter periods are increased to account for lost availability. Equipment rental rates federal highway administration. Cd washington state version, shall be used for all equipment. Based on the above rationale, the fhwa has determined that when the blue book is used to calculate equipment rental costs for periods of less than a month, the most equitable approach is to utilize an hourly rate developed by dividing the blue book monthly equipment rental rate by 176. Memo new equipment rental agreement april 26, 2007 wsdot. Add tags for rental rate blue book for construction equipment. Search the blue book online and you will find over 800,000 company listings.

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