Xata turnpike route tracker for android

Xata turnpike is a complex electric onboard recorder that can run on a truck drivers cell phone, smartphone, or tablet. Try uninstalling any previous versions of pa turnpike trip talk before installing a new version. Apacheta transportace goes beyond legacy macrodriven messaging solutions to provide powerful work. Learn how to record and retrace your path with my tracks for android. This app has become a reliable weather tracker for activity on road trips. If you are a moneyconscious, technologicallysavvy trucker, then money saving trucker apps may be of interest to you. Xata turnpike hours of service hos website training. We round up a handful of gps logger apps that record your position and path for fitness and fun. September 21, 2011 xata xata corporation, a fleet optimization software company, announced the availability of its new routetracker2 electronic onboard recorder eobr for xata turnpike, which has been highlighted by the federal motor carrier safety administration fmcsa as the most costeffective dotcompliant solution for electronic driver logs. This 5minute video provides a stepbystep overview of the installation and activation of a routetrack. Whenever you are in the car, on the bike, on a boat or even on a plane, speed. Omnitracs support staff includes internallysourced technical consultants who have extensive experience with our products and solutions. These apps track your route to create an interactive record of where youve been, even adding photos, videos and notes to make a digital scrapbook. The xata turnpike integration with tmwsuite provides a costeffective solution that combines both driver and fleet management tools in one.

Xata turnpike offers routetracker to canadian customers. Xata turnpike, a provider of fleet performance management software and services, announced that its flagship product, routetracker, is now available in canada, exclusively on rogers communications. Xata turnpike offering routetracker eobr in canada. The android platform also gives xata turnpike users functionality on. New fleet management solutions streamline business processes.

Routing software, fleet route planning software, delivery. Xata announces new allmobile platform and new xrs corp. Xata turnpike xata turnpike has many convenient features, from providing fuelsaving options to electronic hoursofservice logs, driver productivity data, csa risk scorecards, and speed management, xata turnpike serves as an advanced app that offers several solutions that can help truck operators optimize their businesses. Xata corporation, makers of the xata turnpike routetracker electronic onboard recorder, today announced the company is changing its name to xrs corporation and introducing a new mobilecentric platform of the same name for compliance and efficiency solutions. Xata turnpike improves efficiency with tmwsuite cpa trucking.

Once youve completed your trip youll see the total costs of tolls as well as have an itemized list of each toll along with their related cost that you can easily export to a. Omnitracs has paved the way for companies to improve the productivity, reliability, safety, and compliance of their fleets. Xata turnpike offering routetracker eobr in canada truck. Speed tracker is the most elegant and unique combination of gps speedometer and trip computer in just one application. Xata turnpike s routetracker eobr transmits gps and vehicle data to the truck drivers handheld device and sends it back to the xata turnpike database, from which customers can access their fleet. Route4me is the only route optimization software on the planet which has iphone, ipad, and android applications which permit you to attach gps trackable notes and media of any type to any stop on your route. Xata turnpike offers a flexible computing platform that enables verizon wireless customers to integrate fleet and driver data with other thirdparty applications they are using so the data can be easily collected and analyzed for. Xrs corporation formerly xata corporation delivers mobile compliance and fleet. Xata turnpike has a mobile application component called tpmobile, which runs on the android, blackberry, windows mobile, and java platforms, said charlie mohn, director of.

Speed tracker is your answer to the eternal questions. Verizon wireless customers can easily access xata turnpike on their verizon wireless handsets, providing fleet efficiencies such as hours of service hos tracking and. Record and retrace your path with my tracks for android. Xata turnpike s routetracker device transmits global positioning system gps and other important vehicle data to a wireless phone and sends the data back to a hosted website. Xrs corporation formerly xata corporation cision news. Xata turnpike improves efficiency with tmwsuite xata corporations turnpike fleet management software is now integrated with tmwsuite transportation management software from tmw systems. This article says that an analysis found that android smartphone. By delivering realtime critical information on vehicle and driver performance, xata makes it easy for fleet managers, dispatchers and drivers to collect, sort, view and analyze data to help reduce costs, increase safety and compliance, and improve customer satisfaction. The xata turnpike eobr unit is installed on the truck s dashboard and is connected directly to the engine diagnostic port to capture vehicle and gps data.

Gps apps that let you know where youve been roadshow. Xrs will run on android and windows mobile operating systems, and the company said it is seeking to. Verizon wireless customers can easily access xata turnpike on their verizon wireless handsets, providing fleet efficiencies such as hours of service hos tracking and logging. The routetracker eobr transmits gps and vehicle data to the truck drivers handheld device and sends it back to the xata turnpike database. Xata said its routetracker device, from its xata turnpike division, transmits global positioning system gps and other vehicle data to a wireless phone and sends the data back to a hosted website. Service is available for all products and platforms 247365. This app keeps track of the drivers service logs, speed, carrier risk scorecard csa, driver productivity, and truck fuel consumption and meets the fmcsa and dot requirements. I guess one that will track map a route that is taken and then allow me to either retrace that route or export it if needed. Ccj commercial carrier journal fleet management magazine. When showing track on the map, the application keeps device backlight, which simplifies track navigation usage. With xata turnpike s full range of compliance management solutions you will stay compliant and in service. Trucker net, truckster, udrove, uship mobile, winter chain laws, and xata turnpike route tracker. The most awesome trucker apps to save money, stress and. Focus music, binaural beats music for concentration and focus, super intelligence, memory music greenred productions relaxing music 1,015 watching live now.

I have tried the ff gps tracking apps in both android and symbian platforms. Xata turnpike offering routetracker eobr in canada by truck news september 29, 2010 toronto, ont. Using a survey and our social media channels, we quizzed readers about. Xata turnpikes routetracker device transmits global positioning system gps and other important vehicle data to a wireless phone and sends the data back to a hosted website. Xata corporation provides intuitive, automated fleet management software solutions to the trucking industry. Ccj magazine covers fleet management topics ranging from technology, freight, logistics, equipment, and. Track route progress, take pictures, add videos, notes, and more. Anyone have any experience with the xata gps units. It should install properly on those versions and subversions of the os, but should also work on later versions.

Additionally, xata turnpike for android includes a mobile api that thirdparty applications can leverage to access basic vehicle and driver information, including driver and vehicle identification. For over 30 years, we have driven innovation and helped fleets thrive with our everevolving suite of saas applications designed to make the most of every trip. Please contact the support team dedicated to servicing your specific solution set using the information below. Xata helps companies keep track of their truck fleets. Xata turnpike is an advanced electric onboard recorder solution that. Transflo scans documents for drivers and businesses android. My company i deliver for a foodservice company just installed these xata turnpike gps units in the trucks. Xatas routetracker now available via verizon fleet owner. Integration with xata turnpike, xrs mobile software will improve efficiency and. Xata turnpike has announced it is now offering its routetracker electronic onboard recorder to the canadian market, via the rogers communications network. It will be the successor to the companys xata turnpike, xata net and mobile max products.

The app will record electric hoursofservice logs, show speed management and csa risk scorecards, and calculate fuel savings and driver productivity data. Xata turnpikes routetracker solution now available. This firstofits kind app uses voiceguided gpsnavigation to give drivers customized, safe and reliable trucklegal routes. Toll tracker works in the background, tracking tolls in real time as you drive through them so theres no need to take your eyes of the road. Xata turnpike fleet management and compliance solution xata turnpike fleet. The companys webbased xatanet and xata turnpike applications help fleet operators automate driver logs and fuel tax reporting, manage vehicle and driver performance, track assets, and enable twoway.

Xata turnpikes eobr system installed in a truck cab. Most truckers are familiar with gps tracking apps, but many more are available. Four apps for mapping your walking routes the new york times. This system is compliant with fmcsa and dot requirements, helps prevent hos violations, speeds up dot audits, monitors fuel economy. Android tpmobile is a mobile hos application that runs on certified android devices and allows access to the xata turnpike system. Xata turnpikes routetracker solution now available for.

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