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This type of fusebox has not been made for several decades. Wylex consumer unit problem screwfix community forum. Replacement flexible busbar to allow installation of afdds in a wylex nm consumer unit. Nmrs7sslmhi the wylex nmrs7sslmhi all metal consumer unit is fully compliant with amendment 3 to bs 7671. Each of bg electrical main switch consumer units its supplied with 20mm and 32mm knockouts and two cover blanks. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact me. Wylex nm00953 10 way populated metal consumer unit cw 8. The metal consumer units are ideal for domestic and residential environments. The wylex nm range of 17th edition compliant consumer units offers easy installation combined with contemporary styling.

Please pay within 5 days of making your committing to buy. Wylex plug in mcbs, known as b breakers, offer the convenience of simple restoration of supply by the resetting of a switch dolly or push button in the old style. Wylex insulated consumer units,mcbs and rcbos click4electrics. The centre part of the grey covers did indeed come out with careful use of a stanley knife and file to smooth the edges as sparkingchip says. Buy wylex 16 way nmx main switch 100a metal consumer unit. And in case youre in any doubt i have an exceptionally low opinion of you as a person. A consumer unit refers to an electrical box incorporating a circuit breaker that is located between the power meter and the other electrical circuits installed in a building. Wylex standard consumer unit fitted with seven wire fuses one fuseway is not in use.

Switch fuse units for use in domestic household premises. Amendment 3 requires consumer units to comply with bs en 614393. Metal metered consumer unit supplied with either main switch and 16a sp. Wylex s consumer units are among the most popular on the market, and their nm series has been developed in accordance with amendment 3 of the bs 7671. Buy wylex 5 way metal consumer unit, 100a, ip2xc nm nm506. Wylex founded in 1897, wylex introduced the first consumer unit to the electrical industry, today wylex is still leading with the introduction. Id still appreciate some advice on where i can get a replacement part for the existing unit. This range of consumer units are designed to be fully recessed into a wall or cavity up to a depth of 68mm. Wylex ecatalogue wylex catalogue the clear market leader in residential circuit protection, with the largest range of consumer units and rcds in the uk, and a wide range of three phase circuit protection system up to 800a ratings. This gives designers and installers the flexibility to create an almost infinite variety of systems, tailored to individual applications and blending with any. They have been offering solutions on a domestic, commercial and industrial level since 1897. The current carrying capacity of the cable should always exceed the current rating of the mcb. Skeleton consumer units with all metal non combustible enclosures are recommended for all such applications.

The wylex nh range of 17th edition compliant consumer units offers easy installation combined with contemporary styling. As you might expect wylex has also introduced a full range of afdds, with ratings from 6a through to 40a. Wylex all metal cased meter cabinet consumer units are. Spare parts for a 70s wylex consumer unit diynot forums. Main switch consumer units consumer units bg electrical. The nmrs7sslmhi high integrity consumer unit works by using three busbars instead. Consumer units with surge protection brochure consumer units with surge protection brochure file size 5. The clear market leader in residential circuit protection, with the largest range of consumer units and rcds in the uk, and a wide range of three. I want to do this as i am intending to have the key meter changed to a credit meter and i am bound to get a smart meter. The only way to be sure that consumer units comply with this standard is to obtain a test certificate from a high quality recognised provider such as a ukas laboratory. If the cabinet is of a combustible material, a metal consumer unit is required. All of the items here are obsolete, and are displayed here as a reminder of how electrical installations used to be done. Wylex nm1406 14 way 100a metal consumer unit edwardes. Consumer unit style enclosure with hinged visor preassembled wylex metal consumer units with spd addressing 18th edition requirements for transient overvoltage protection in the uk.

Here youll find our range of wylex consumer units and accessories wylex are one of the uks leading brands within the consumer units sector, offering a wide range of circuit protection products, from complete units, to replacement wylex rcds, mcbs and rcbos. Single module afdds fit in the tightest of spaces because they use smaller consumer units. For more information on key changes in 18th edition, visit our website uk. Apart from the cover, which i broke, theres nothing wrong with the existing consumer unit and if it aint broke i dont see the need to fix it.

Wylex are a market leader when it comes to circuit protection. You and your home are protected by a wylex consumer unit from electrium. Ive bought a number of wylex con units over the last year, from screwfix, and ive had to return 7 rcds because they didnt work. This shows the fusebox as it would appear when installed.

Wylex have produced a range of high integrity flexible consumer units that are pre dril led and blanked ready to be fitted with a nhldk visor locking kit and wpl padlock if required. Free next day delivery available, free collection in 5 minutes. The front panel and fuse cover are made from heavy duty brown plastic. These new products complement the existing range of consumer units, all of which are suited to 18th edition applications too. Wylex standard consumer unit fitted with seven wire fuses one fuseway is not in use hager consumer unit fitted with mcbs, one rcd, and one doublepole switch a consumer unit is a type of distribution board a component of an electrical power system within which an electrical power feed provides supply to subsidiary circuits. It may be possible to buy some old wylex consumer units just for the covers on fleabay.

More electrical tips and diagrams uk like, subscribe and dont skip the ads. For further information please contact wylex technical 01543 438321 nm1406l nmrs12slm main switch fixed ms afdrcbo total cat ref rating ways ways. Data sheet 15 way metal hi integrity consumer unit sales telephone. The mcbs are suitable for both new and existing installations where a wylex standard range consumer unit is installed. The eh metal clad range, going by the 506eh ive got here, is 255mm high.

Circuit protection systems for domestic household premises wylex. The unit contains safety circuit breakers which are more eflicient and convenient than rewirable fuses. The new units are available in a variety of configurations including split load, high integrity, and dual rcd. Find out how to wire residual current device rcd in garage, shed consumer unit. Having taken off the front panel anb undone top and bottom screws of exsisting mcb i cant seem to remove it from the panel. Wylex nm all metal consumer units are designed manufactured and tested in iso 9001 accredited. If your starbreaker unit is not factory built please see information in all sections. Wylex nmrs7sslmhi nm series amendment 3 all metal 7 way high. Pv supplies should be connected to a dedicated circuit at the consumer unit not share a final sub circuit. We provide a variety of wylex blanks and accessories to accompany the nh and nm wylex consumer units.

Nm506 wylex 5 way metal consumer unit, 100a, ip2xc nm. When the property is handed over for sale the visor locking kit is easily removed by the electrical contractor, returning the consumer unit back to its original. Wylex 15 way high integrity consumer unit complies fully with amendment 3 of the wiring regulations, accepts up to 15 rcbos or mcbs split into two circuits and is supplied with a 100a switch isolator and 2 30ma rcds. A new range of wylex products is available to help installers meet the above.

If the installation is being completed to part m of the building regulations then the consumer units should be mounted between 50mm and 1450mm above floor level. Technical data compact rcbo brief product description. Download the latest catalogues and brochures for our market leading brands. What links here related changes upload file special pages permanent link. All consumer units are suitable for any home or commercial building. Blanks label kits consumer unit pattress adaptor kit intumescent fire barrier. The consumer unit enclosure must be manufactured from a. I started that the first amendment contained the wording iee wiring regulations on the spine and that the standard is known both as the iet and iee wiring regulations. Wylex consumer units have many great features which include cable entry knockouts on five sides which makes installation easy and they are all metal with no external plastic parts. Electrical consumer units have completely replaced the conventional fuse box.

So why not take this idea and apply it to understanding and choosing the right consumer unit for a project conforming to the 17th edition of the wiring regulations. We stock fuse boxes from highquality brands such as mk, wylex. Wylex consumer units, mcb and rcb circuit breakers, switch fuses, disconnectors and circuit protection accessories from electrical2go. Nm506 wylex 5 way metal consumer unit, 100a, ip2xc nm rs. A twin rcd high integrity split load configuration protecting a configurable bank of 7 mcbs rcbos split into two circuits, the unit is supplied with 100a switch isolator and 2 x 80a 30ma rcds. Wylex are a world leader in circuit protection, their range of domestic consumer units includes high integrity boards. You need to sort out the typos and update the references to the ieeiet. Consumer units nm split load consumer units flexible busbar has full din rail. Direct replacement for wylex nsbs rcbos an rcbo is a combination of an mcb and rcd this enables both overcurrent protection and earth fault current protection by a single unit.

Nm consumer units for use in domestic household premises amendment no. Wylex nmrs7sslmhi 7 way flexible high integrity metal cased. Wylex nmmb twist fit one module metal blank plate wylnmmb. They are suitable also for installation in wylex consumer and in two or four module enclosures. This residual current circuit breaker with overload protection provides superior protection for both people and circuits in a single module. The clear market leader in residential circuit protection, with the largest range of consumer units and rcds in the uk. Wylex 11 way main switch consumer unit 18th edition. Wylex consumer units the full 17th edition, amendment 3 nm metal range including garage units, dual rcd, main switch and high integrity boards to cover every circuit protection project. Market leader wylex offers a wide range of 17th edition consumer units which are also known as distribution boards and fuseboards.

Wylex nm1906l 19 way metal consumer unit with 100a main. Does anybody have a picture of the inards of the curve consumer unit they could put up. Starbreaker consumer units are available as factory built units or for on site assembly in component form. Miniature arc fault detection with integral rcbo wylex. Wylex mnspe666816nr 16 way leftright entry consumer unit pattress wylmnspe666816n. Solar photo voltaic switchgear solutions electrium. A consumer unit is a type of distribution board contents. Wylex 11 way main switch consumer unit 100a dpnm1106l wylex nm1106l 11 way module main switch consumer unit with 100a dp main switch isolator, accepts the latest wylex mcb and miniature rcbos. This guide to wylex consumer units is not a suitable substitute for the standards and regulations that should always be used for all types of electrical installation. The unit contains safety circuit breakers which are more eflicient and. Wylex afdd, the ultimate device for protection against overloads, earth leakage, short circuits, and arc faults. I am thinking of fitting a wylex rec2 isolator with the integrated surge protection to the tails of the supply in my home in norfolk. The compact design clips onto standard 35mm din rail but the shorter body makes it easier to install in consumer units alongside. The wylex eh range is extra height but it depends on how much room youre looking for.

You and your home are protected by a wylex consumer unit. Wylex consumer unit for sale in uk view 57 bargains. Axiom metal 17th edition amendment 3 garage consumer unit 2 way pdf. A selection of old wylex fuseboxes, switchgear and other distribution equipment. Nm for use in domestic household premises electrium. The nm00953 is a part populated 17th edition, 3rd amendment metal high integrity consumer unit that comes complete with 8 mcbs, allowing 2 free ways either as blank ways or extra mcbs or rcbos as to your requirements. Our consumer unit blanks and accessories are designed to provide safety and security to your domestic consumer unit. Wylex nmrs7sslmhi 7 way flexible high integrity metal cased consumer unit.

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